The Lyons-Ryan Family of 'Ellendale', Marong, Victoria

Family Tree Charts

This family tree covers the descendants of Patrick Lyons and Ellen Ryan to the third generation, as well as their known ancestors. A more extensive tree, including later generations, is available in 'Ellendale and Beyond', a brief history of the Lyons-Ryan family. 'Ellendale and Beyond' is available for download.

Descendants and ancestors of Patrick Lyons and Ellen Ryan

Children of Patrick and Ellen Lyons - Their Descendants

Bridget Theresa Lyons

b. 1858-59, probably Bendigo (Sandhurst), Victoria
d. 14 March 1921, Melbourne, Victoria

John James Lyons

b. 1860 Long Gully, Bendigo, Victoria
d. 1923, Bunbury, Western Australia
m. Lois Annie Webster, 1902, Bunbury, Western Australia

William Patrick Lyons

b. 6 October 1863, Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria
d. 28 April 1940, Strathfield, New South Wales
m. Johanna Josephine Meagher, 24 April 1901, St Killians Catholic Church, Bendigo, Victoria

Mary Ann Lyons

b. 1864, Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria
d. 26 January 1906, Bendigio, Victoria
m. William Edward Armstrong, 30 July 1890, St Patrick's Catholic Church, Marong

Thomas Patrick Lyons

b. 1868, Bullock Creek (Marong), Victoria
d. 23 June 1959, Bendigo, Victoria

Ellen Agnes Lyons

b. 24 October 1870, Marong, Victoria
d. 1 July 1963, Clayton, Victoria
m. George Thomas Bowen, Place?

Margaret Mary Lyons

b. 1873, Marong, Victoria
d. 1948, Murrumbeena, Victoria
m. Arthur Lee Roberts, 15 September 1897, The Bishop's Palace, Bendigo, Victoria

Kathleen Lyons

b. 1874, Marong, Victoria
d. April 1875, Marong, Victoria

Johanna Josephine Lyons

b. 1876, Marong, Victoria
d. 21 January 1966, Hawthorn, Victoria
m. James Hart, 4 June 1900, The Bishop's Palace, Bendigo, Victoria

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