The Lyons-Ryan Family of 'Ellendale', Marong, Victoria


This web site has been set up as a source of family history information for descendants of Patrick and Ellen Lyons who settled at Marong, Victoria in 1865 after living for some years on the Bendigo goldfields. Marong was (and is) a small town about 15 kilometres west of Bendigo and the Lyons' property there was known as Ellendale. The Lyons family farmed Ellendale until 1912, not long after the death of Patrick.

The aim of the site is to provide short articles on people and locations of general interest. More detailed family history information is available in the document "Ellendale and Beyond", updated versions of which are available for download.

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Patrick and Ellen Lyons, about 1900

A Brief Background

Patrick Lyons and Ellen Ryan (nee Ryan), emigrated from Ireland to Australia in the mid 1800s.

Ellen travelled with her parents, William and Ann Ryan, on the ship Ellenborough and arrived in Newcastle, New South Wales on 31 October 1854. Patrick's arrival details have not been confirmed but it is believed most likely that he arrived on 29 May 1853 on the Marco Polo at Port Phillip, Melbourne.

Patrick and Ellen were married in Bendigo in 1857.  They had nine children, the first 4 being born in Bendigo and the remainder being born at Marong. The children were:

  • Brigid Theresa: 1858/61 - 1921
  • John James: 1860 - 1923
  • William Patrick: 1863 - 1940
  • Mary Ann: 1864 - 1906
  • Thomas Patrick: 1868 - 1959
  • Ellen Agnes: 1870 - 1963
  • Margaret Mary: 1873 - 1948
  • Kathleen: 1874 - 1875
  • Johanna Josephine: 1876 - 1966

Contributing to the Site

Short articles on people and places relating to the Lyons' family are welcome.

Please contact me if you can provide additional information on Patrick and Ellen and their descendants (or ancestors) or if you would like to contribute an item.


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