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Southern Light - Photographs from Down Under
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Storm over the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA

For classic Pentax cameras, see links under Pentax Resources above.

Captain Jack's Contax/Pentacon SLR Cameras

The Contax S of 1949 was the camera that most influenced subsequent SLR design. It was the first 35 mm SLR with a fixed pentaprism and introduced the 42 mm "screw mount", later adopted by many other manufacturers including Pentax. 'Captain Jack' also has interesting pages on Exakta and Praktina (yes, Praktina - not Praktica!).

The Classic Camera

Information on 100 or so cameras from the classic era.

Konica SLR system 1960-1987

Konica produced a superb range of SLR cameras during the film era.

Matt's Classic Camera Collection

A vintage camera site done with style!

There are many sites featuring classic camera collections. Karen Nakamura's Photoethnography site is one of the better ones.

Something Zeiss to Say

Classic and collectible Zeiss Ikon cameras. The original site seems to have disappeared into the ether but the information can be found here, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

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