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Southern Light - Photographs from Down Under
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Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

These albums are small image galleries documenting different locations, road trips and events. Current albums are:

  • Roadtrip USA - Part 1 - A six week road trip (with some rail) from Los Angeles to Los Angeles via 11 States. Part 1 starts in Los Angeles and meanders through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. (April/May 2013)
  • Roadtrip USA - Part 2 - A six week road trip (with some rail) from Los Angeles to Los Angeles via 11 States. Part 2 continues the journey from eastern Wyoming through tio the Pacific North-west and returning to Los Angeles. (May/June 2013)
  • Lake Eyre and the Painted Hills - Aerial photographs from outback South Australia. (August 2011)
  • Banksias - Spectacular and colourful plants in the Protea family, native to Australia. (September 2010)
  • Macquarie's Towns - The five 'Macquarie Towns' in western Sydney which were proclaimed by Governor Lachlan Macquarie on 6 December 1810. This is an expanded version of the 'Macquarie Towns' SoFoBoMo Project - see below. (July 2010; updated August 2010)
  • East to West and Back Again - a 7 week trip from Sydney to Western Australia by train and back again by car across the Nullarbor. (January 2010)
  • Cockatoo Island - Former prison, industrial school, reformatory and gaol, Cockatoo Island was included in the Natural Heritage list in 2007. (July 2009)
  • The Great Zig Zag - Constructed between 1866 and 1869. the Great Zig Zag was regarded as one of the great engineering feats of the time. The Zig Zag Tourist Railway that was established over the route is currently closed. (March 2009; updated August 2009)
  • Lapstone Hill - European heritage at Lapstone in western Sydney (January 2009; updated December 2009)
  • PESO - Photo Every So Often - These are images posted to the Pentax Discuss Mailing List (PDML) for comment and suggestions by other list members.

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