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Southern Light - Photographs from Down Under
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Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory


Well...why not?

I've been interested in photography for almost as long as I can remember, starting off with a hand-me-down Voigtlander in the 1950s before buying my first 'real' camera in the early 1960s - a second hand Pentax S1a. Since then I've pretty much stayed with Pentax, progressing through a Super A, P50, SFXn, Z20 and MZ5. An early KX was also added and there was a Ricoh XR2 for a few years - a fine camera as well.

    Pentax S1a

These film cameras have now all been retired because digital photography offers so many more possibilities. I started with an *ist DS and now use a Pentax K-5, a K200D, a Q and a recently acquired Olympus E-M10 mirrorless camera, the latter because I wanted a lightweight, large-sensor camera system for travelling and Pentax doesn't offer anything similar.

My main interest, photographically speaking, is the natural world so most images here involve the landscape and the Australian flora and fauna. It's not that people don't interest me - I'm just not very good at portraiture, so I'm happy to leave that field to those that are.


Most of the photographs have been taken in Australia, mainly in New South Wales and many in and around Castlereagh in western Sydney, where I live. Over the past few years my wife, Margaret, and I have travelled to Western Australia, Central Australia (including a flight over Lake Eyre) and the western United States. Some of those photos appear in the galleries on this site.

Brian Walters
February 2015

I hope you find some of the images here enjoyable!

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