The Lyons-Ryan Family of 'Ellendale', Marong, Victoria

Ellendale in 1880

Patrick Lyons' success on the Bendigo goldfields enabled him to purchase a farming property in the Marong district in 1865. That property was called 'Ellendale" and was expanded over the years, increasing from about 515 acres in 1865 to 834 acres when the property was sold in 1920-21.

The homestead seems quite basic but was probably fairly substantial for the times. It seems to have comprised 5 small bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room and two store rooms. The homestead may have had to house as many as 13 family members at its peak (Patrick and Ellen, their nine children and Ellen's parents, William and Ann Ryan).  A second building at the rear may have been used as a kitchen, additional storage or sleeping areas.

Plan of the Ellendale Homested

The photograph below was sourced from the late Kevin Hart (Partick and Ellen's grandson). Based on the number of infants shown in the photograph, it was probably taken about 1880. A high resolution scan of the image is available for download.

The Ellendale homestead about 1880

The Ellendale homestead about 1880

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