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'Ellendale and Beyond' - updated

'Ellendale and Beyond' is a brief history of the Lyons-Ryan' family of Marong, Victoria.  It was produced originally in 1997 and distributed to descendants of Patrick and Ellen Lyons. There have been several revised versions which are detailed below.

Contents of the most recent version

1. A Better Life

  • No Reason to Remain
  • Family Origins
  • Leaving Ireland

2. On the Diggings

  • Gold Rush!
  • First Years in the New Country

3. Ellendale

  • The Homestead
  • Life at Ellendale
  • Leaving Ellendale
  • Ellendale in 1994 and 2012

4. Beyond

  • Ellen Ryan (Lyons); 1838/41-1930
  • The Next Generation

5. People and Places

  • Able To Read Without Glasses At 86! Ellen Lyons recalls life at Ellendale.
  • Droving in the North-West. John James Lyons' trek through the north west of Australia in 1896.
  • Queen Victoria's Jubilee and Early Preston Days Recalled. Lois Lyons recalls life in south Western Australia.
  • The North Shore, Camping and Quarantine 1955. Lois Lyons recalls life at Turkey Point, Bunbury.
  • A Missionary in Eastern Papua. Rev. Francis Patrick Lyons at Sideia, Papua in the 1930s.
  • Rev. Denis Hart; Archbishop of Melbourne.

6. The Descendant Diagrams


  • A. Extracts from Certificates and Other Records
  • B. Transcriptions
  • C. The Journal of John James Lyons
  • D. Queenwood
  • E. The Computer Record
  • F. Online Search for the Arrival of Patrick Lyons
  • G. Document Changes

The updated version is available for download. The updated version differs from the original as follows:

November 2006 Update:

  • Chapter 3: First dot point amended to clarify status of Section 13 Crown Allotment 11.
  • Chapter 3: Figure 3-2 - Section 13, Crown Allotment 7 removed from Lyons holdings (its inclusion was an error) and title changed to "Plan of Ellendale Holdings in 1912".
  • Chapter 3: New section added "Ellendale in 1994".  This required rearrangement of text in other parts of the Chapter.
  • Chapter 3:  Six new photographs added showing Florence Walters with the 'Ellendale Tray' and images of the homestead in 1994.
  • Chapter 4: Photograph of Ellen Lyons added. Photograph of Lyons cemetery plot added.
  • Chapter 4: Margaret Mary Lyons, birth date corrected (changed to 1873 from 1973).
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-4 (William Patrick Lyons):  Generally revised 27 Febuary 1999.
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-6 (Ellen Agnes Lyons):  Generally revised 19 June 1997.
  • Appendix B:  New item added under 'Newspapers and other Articles' - "5 - The Hart-Lyons Wedding".

April 2008 Update:

  • Preface: Minor amendments to text and information about the 'Ellendale and Beyond' website added.
  • Chapter 4: Marriage date for Ellen Agnes Lyons added.
  • Chapter 4: Brief details added for Margaret Mary Lyons-Arthur Roberts' time in Kavieng, New Ireland.
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-4 (William Patrick Lyons):  Minor revisions 28 April 2008.
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-5 (Mary Anne Lyons):  Minor revisions 27 April 2008.
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-6 (Ellen Agnes Lyons):  Minor revisions 27 April 2008.
  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-8 (Joanna Josephine Lyons):  Minor revisions 28 April 2008.
  • Appendix D:  Minor revision.

June 2008 Update:

  • Descendant Diagram Fig. 4-3 (John James Lyons):  Minor revisions 1 June 2008.

February 2011 Update:

  • Chapter 1: Minor addition regarding the cost of passage to Australia in the 1850s.
  • Chapter 1: "Leaving Ireland" section for Patrick Lyons amended to include the possibility of assisted passage.
  • Chapter 1: "Leaving Ireland" section for the Ryans amended to include details of their assisted passage.
  • Chapter 1: "References". Additional reference added, letter from The Archives Authority of New South Wales.
  • Chapter 2: Minor amendments regarding Patrick Lyons ownership of puddling machines.
  • Chapter 2: "References". Two additional references to Patrick Lyons in the Argus newspaper (thanks to Brigitte Papapostolou for these references).
  • Chapter 4: Additional information regarding the 1896 journal of John James Lyons, including a photograph of the actual journal.
  • Chapter 5 - new chapter "People and Places". This combines several items previously included in an Appendix and also adds stories of other members of the Lyons family - Fr. Francis Lyons and the Rev Denis Hart, Archbishop of Melbourne.
  • Fig 6-1 and Tables 6-1 to 6-5 - These replace the descendant diagrams of previous versions (derived from GRAMPS genealogy program).
  • Appendix E - Brief notes of some online searches regarding Patrick Lyons.

November 2012 Update:

  • Chapter 1: Ann Ryan's name changed to Mary as this is believed to have been her birth name despite 'Ann' or 'Anne' being used in later life. This change also carried though the subsequent parts of the document.
  • Chapter 1: Sailing date of the Ellenborough from England changed to 14 July 1854, based on documented details in the London Times and Maitland Mercury.
  • Chapter 1: Illustration of the Ellenborough added.
  • Chapter 1: "References". Additional reference added, web site for Thomas Fisher (1819 - 1883) who was a passenger on the Ellenborough on the same voyage as the Ryans.
  • Chapter 3: Google maps reference added showing the location of the Ellendale homestead.
  • Chapter 4: Birthplace of Dorothy Lyons changed to Sydney instead of Cootamundra.
  • Chapter 4: Year of Death of Mary Ann Lyons corrected to 1906.
  • Chapter 4 and Fig. 6-1: Year of birth of William Patrick Lyons corrected to 1863.
  • Chapter 5: Photo of Turkey Point added to the article "The north shore, camping and quarantine 1955".
  • Table 6-2; Descendants of William Patrick Lyons - Table generally updated and corrections made to rectify a database error that resulted in 'Maitland' being indicated incorrectly in a number of cases in the previous version of the document. Year of birth of William Patrick Lyons corrected to 1863.
  • Table 6-3; Descendants of Mary Ann Lyons - New table (this was inadvertently omitted in the previous version of the document).
  • Appendix B: Death notice for Brigid Theresa Lyons added.
  • Appendix B: Transcriptions added of reports in the London Times and the Maitland Mercury of the departure of the Ellenborough from England and its arrival in Newcastle, respectively.

May 2020 Update:

  • Chapter 1: Section on Patrick Lyon's arrival in Australia revised. Patrick is now believed to have arrived in 1853 on either the Marco Polo or the Lochiel (the former is believed to be more likely).
  • Chapter 1: Image of the sailing ship 'Marco Polo' added.
  • Chapter 5: Section "Queen Victoria's Jubilee and Early Preston Days Recalled" - 'Lois Lyons (nee Wallace)' changed to 'Lois Lyons (nee Webster)'
  • Table 6-1: Minor updates.
  • Appendix D: New appendix on 'Queenwood', the property near Donneybrook, Western Australia, farmed by John James and Lois Ellen Lyons.
  • Appendix E: This was Appendix D in previous versions - revised.
  • Appendix F: This was Appendix E in previous versions - updated to include probable arrival of Patrick Lyons at Port Phillip in 1853.
  • Appendix G: New appendix detailing document changes.

Family tree information is in further need of updating.

Of course, additional information that adds to or corrects 'Ellendale and Beyond' would be greatly appreciated.

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