The Lyons-Ryan Family of 'Ellendale', Marong, Victoria

Lyons Family at Home (c 1904)

The photograph below is the only clear photograph known of the Lyons family at Marong. It was obtained from the late Kevin Hart (grandson of Patrick and Ellen Lyons). The original may be with Kevin's family.

A high resolution (and much more distinct) scan of the image is available for download.

The Lyons family at 'Ellendale' about 1904
The Lyons family at 'Ellendale' about 1904
  • Rear - from left: Thomas Lyons, Brigid Lyons, James Hart, Ellen Agnes (Cis) Bowen (nee Lyons), George Bowen
  • Centre - from left: Margaret Roberts (nee Lyons), Arthur Roberts, Ellen Lyons (nee Ryan), Patrick Lyons, Veronica Hart (being nursed), Johanna Hart (nee Lyons)
  • Front - from left: Dorothy Armstrong, four Roberts and Bowen children, Marguerita Roberts

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