The Lyons-Ryan Family of 'Ellendale', Marong, Victoria

'Ellendale and Beyond' - updated

Ellendale and Beyond - Cover

'Ellendale and Beyond' is a brief history of the Lyons-Ryan' family of Marong, Victoria.  It was produced originally in 1997 and distributed to descendants of Patrick and Ellen Lyons. There have been several revised versions which are detailed below.

Contents of the most recent version - May 2020

1. A Better Life

2. On the Diggings

3. Ellendale

4. Beyond

5. People and Places

6. The Descendant Diagrams


The updated version is available for download. The updated version differs from the original as follows:

November 2006 Update

April 2008 Update

June 2008 Update

February 2011 Update

November 2012 Update

May 2020 Update

Family tree information is in further need of updating.

Of course, additional information that adds to or corrects 'Ellendale and Beyond' would be greatly appreciated.

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